Since the start of the epidemic, the Canadian employment market has been in turmoil, with many employers altering their recruiting policies because to economic instability and a labour shortage. Fortunately, the future is favourable for first-time job searchers and those wishing to change fields.


    According to Randstad’s annual assessment of the most in-demand jobs countrywide, there are several vocations that may provide “security and stability in uncertain times.”

    According to Randstad business analysts who examined customer data and the types of roles posted in the previous year, jobs in technology, healthcare, and professional services will see the most growth in 2023, including a number of roles that require little formal training but offer competitive pay.

    Companies have invested in e-commerce as a result of changing customer behaviour as a result of COVID-19. This implies that professions in digital marketing and customer service, as well as those related to supply chain facilitation, are on the rise.

    “With the vast increase in demand for online deliveries, reduced delivery cycle, never-before competitive market, and ever-increasing customer demand, we also see a strong need for supply chain positions, like production supervisors, warehouse workers and drivers,” said Bédard.


    As more businesses shift their focus to the internet, a growing need exists for skilled IT workers to develop the software and websites that support this shift.

    Pay scale: $68K–$155K

    Human Resources Manager

    Human resource managers are in demand because businesses increasingly require their services to deal with tightening budgets and adapting to new types of work arrangements, such as remote and hybrid teams.

    Income: between $75,000 and $156,000

    Mechanical Engineer

    Jobs for mechanical engineers in industries including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and biomedicine have increased in recent years because to a shift toward green energy.

    The salary spectrum falls between $66,000 to $131,000.



    As a large portion of the country’s trained workforce ages out of the labour field, there is a widespread need for blue-collar jobs. Bédard claims that “decades of shortages of trained young people in this industry” may be traced back to the 1970s, when “high schools did not push skilled crafts as a career route.”

    Earnings might be anything from $40,000 and $74,000


    The field of accounting is in such high demand in Canada that it is included in the Express Entry system for foreign workers.

    Between $61,000 and $114,000 is possible in salary.

    Licensed Nurse

    Because of the severe lack of registered nurses, healthcare facilities and independent practises are trying to fill their vacancies.

    Pay scale: $68K-$94K

    Warehouse Employee

    Unskilled labour in the transportation of products, such as warehouse workers, is in high demand, and some companies are ready to pay as much as $70,000 per year to attract and retain individuals without a four-year degree.

    Range of pay: $17 to $29 per hour

    Customer Service Representative

    Those that are tech-savvy (particularly in regards to CRM systems) and at ease working remotely in order to give individualised customer support will have their pick of available positions.

    Salary range: $43,000 to $74,000


    Another vital part of the supply chain is trucking, and with the current labour crisis, the need for truck drivers is greater than ever.

    Ranging from $42,000 to $65,000

    Sales Representative

    Many retail workers found new careers after businesses closed during the epidemic. After a period of closure, businesses are actively seeking candidates to fill unfilled positions.

    Ranging from $46,000 to $84,000

    Administrative Assistant

    Work for administrative assistants is unlikely to decrease anytime soon because of the continued importance of office administration and facilitating efficient workflow at all levels of businesses.

    Range of salaries from $47K to $99K

    Business Analyst

    With the majority of businesses now doing the majority of their transactions online, there is a great deal more digital data than ever before to analyse and use to formulate expansion plans.

    Salary might be anything from $62,000 and $142,000.

    Production Manager

    With the rise of online shopping and the accompanying increase in client demand, businesses have found that they need to increase the number of people in the position of production supervisor in order to keep up with the volume of orders and maintain acceptable profit margins.

    Pay scale: $53,000 – $114,000

    Digital Marketing Coordinator

    After years of resisting the shift to online sales, most companies have recently made changes to strengthen their online profiles in preparation for the future. Experts in digital marketing coordination will be in great demand to oversee a wide range of important initiatives.

    Salary range: $62,000 to $122,000.

    Construction Project Manager

    Canada is experiencing a housing boom, thus the construction industry is actively hiring. The need for managers to oversee ongoing initiatives will persist.


    Pay scale: $61,000 to $150,000